The success of the Toribio Sisters, in the creation and progress of Sisters Beauty Salon, has been continued by Albania Hungria Toribio, who with his great managerial capacity, was developing and introducing all necessary innovations and required by the new times for the living who have made their full development and expansion possible.

Most employees of “Sisters” have remained in their usual work tasks for many years, always taking quality and personalized treatment to the client, and is the reason why today Sisters Beauty Salon, has become an example of progress and prestige inside and outside the communities in which we have had to serve.

We work with our highly qualified, and always, with God’s help, we will maintain our presence professionally, always offering the most meticulous quality services for the benefit of our customers and the demanding public.

In celebration of 15 years of our anniversary, SISTERS, thanks to each of their employees, their great efforts and dedication they have put into practice in the performance of their sensitive functions and especially to our large clientele for having awarded us with their loyalty.

Thank you for being the most important part of this beautiful story.

Simply Thanks,

Albania Hungría Toribio