I’ve been going to this salon for the past 10 years. Always had wonderful service. Best salon experience ever.


West Village, NY | YELP REVIEW

When i want a quick wash, condition and blow out, Sisters is the perfect place. Some stylist are better than others but that’s common at any salon. They are personable and reasonably priced. Typical, clean,professional Dominican hairsalon.

I come through the door and EVERYONE says hello. We hug and kiss. They asked about my health when I was sick. They sing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY. They ask about my baby girl, every visit. 

I actually started going there due to the inflated prices of some  black salons and the very poor customer service. 

I’ll take my girls ANY DAY! 

Love you, Sisters Salon!


Brooklyn, NY | YELP REVIEW

This is about my millionth time visiting Sisters Unisex Salon. I’ve been coming here religiously since 2009. Even though this salon is a bit out of my way, I continue to come here because I consistently get good results. The system they have is fast paced if you do not come on the weekends. (Friday-Sunday). They have about 15 employees, each designated to wash, roll, perm or blow. The first time I came here I was getting perms which they do very well, but later on that year I decided to go natural. I am African American, with type 4c hair so my hair is very tightly curled. I always get Margaret to wash my hair because she’s very rough and I like to feel her nails against my scalp lol. As soon as I finish getting my hair washed, they put the rollers in and place me right under a dryer. Dryers are always available because they have about 25 high tech dryers. I normally sit under the dryer for about 45 mins before they take my rollers out. I do not blow dry my roots or any part of my hair after they’re finished talking the rollers out. I feel that it ruins my natural curl pattern. In all, I’m in and out of the place in less than 2 hours while other salons have me waiting 2 hours before I even get my hair washed. Best part of it all is that it’s very affordable. I get a wash and set for $20 and my hair is bra strap length. They leave my hair looking bouncy and silky. Everytime I walk out the salon I get compliments. I definitely would recommend this salon to anyone who wants to get a wash and set!
       I did read some of the other reviews on this place and I’m actually shocked. I see a lot of people saying the staff is rude but I’ve always received kindness from them. I have seen some of the women in here have attitudes with customers, but it was only when the customers had very nasty attitudes with them. U give respect, u get respect. My one and only complaint about this place is that if I wanted to come here on the weekend, it’s waaaaay too busy.


Brooklyn, NY | YELP REVIEW

In some form or fashion everyone’s reviews may have some iota of truth but the bottom line is these ladies have a method and it works. It is an assembly line but all I did was ask for some direction and was able to fall right in place. I observed the stylists while getting my hair dried and they do all have different techniques so watch and see who you like and request. The way people treat you is the way you treat them witrh regard to attitude. Bottom line…my hair turned out AMAZING.The lady who washed it scrubbed my scalp really well which I never can do and I heard is very important to getting good results. I didn’t think she was trying to injure me…just doing her job. My hair is beautiful and it’s summer and it still holding up after walking around outside for 2 days. I got the rollerset and blow out and it was just 25 bucks. Yes of course you pay more for length and texture…but that’s everywhere! And sorry ladies you have to be honest about the type of hair you have. While the rollerset and blowout is cheaper, coarser and kinkier hair tyes can poof from a rollerset. Pony up the rest of the money and get a blowout. All in all I am super pleased and will definitely be back.


Jersey City, NJ | YELP REVIEW

This is a great place to go to if you’re looking to get your hair permed. They really permit from the route straight up. My hair is soft and bouncing when I walked out of there. My scalp didn’t burn either.



I am really surprised at the reviews of my favorite salon in Brooklyn. I am an African-American woman, 21 months post relaxer (thanks to them) and I go there faithfully EVERY WEEK. NEVER have I had an issue with ANYONE there. Mirna, Rosemarie, Yocasta, Lucy, Erica, Mia, Dulce, Milagros, Glenny, Mariana, Sara, Ramona, Karen,Adrianna  and all of the women are AMAZING! I have been going for about 10 years now. Always greeted with a smile and my hair gets the best care. if it’s damaged, they tell me. If I need special conditioning, they tell me. If I need a trim, they tell me. Not sure where all of these negative reviews are coming from. 

I come through the door and EVERYONE says hello. We hug and kiss. They asked about my health when I was sick. They sing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY. They ask about my baby girl, every visit. 

I actually started going there due to the inflated prices of some  black salons and the very poor customer service. 

I’ll take my girls ANY DAY! 

Love you, Sisters Salon!


Brooklyn, NY | YELP REVIEW

Once you understand the system and become comfortable with this place it is great. I hate to do my own hair so I am a once a week salon person. However $100 a week was causing marital troubles. 

I began going to Sisters bringing my own shampoo and conditioners as well as a deep conditioner. I always go early in the week before 3pm. I never wait. I have been stretching a perm for almost 3 months now with no problem based on the excellent blow drying of the women at Sisters. I pay $23 for my wash, blow and deep conditioner. You can’t beat that! 

I am encouraged looking around the salon because everyone who is in the chair has really healthy, thick hair. I have really noticed my hair growing out in ways that it wasn’t at the higher end salon. I dont ever need to put heat on my hair for the entire week between my visits to Sisters which is not always the case when I go elsewhere.

The one thing that I would not do here is a relaxer. I watch them slap the relaxer onto the entire length of people’s hair all the time and that is a “n0-no” in my book. The people who do get their perms in there have the shortest unhealthy looking hair  in the salon.


Brooklyn, NY | YELP REVIEW

I love going to Dominican Salons, because they really know how to do hair. Regardless, what nationality you are. I didnt need a hair cut. I just got a blow out for my daughter, niece and myself.

My niece has mixed hair and my sisters refuses to get her hair relaxed because relaxing the hair on a child can damage the hair if your do it wrong, so why risk it, right? Here, you get friendly service, they assumed I was Dominican but told them, no Im Italian but Im slowly beginning to be fluent Spanish. The hair wash was so lovely, but the hair massage was better. I love the products they used. They took their time. They used med heat on all of our heads and did not grease us down like some places do. I guess for a real Dominican hair experience, it sure is not in MD… You gotta come to BK for the real deal!! Thank you for make us look like royalty.


Clarksburg, MD | YELP REVIEW

They operate like a factory and the salon is small. But they open @ 7am and the ladies there know how to run a salon! My daughter has natural hair ( no relaxer) and her hair came out bouncing and behaving! Thumbs up!



I’ve been going to Sister’s for a little over 3 years.  It is a factory style salon, and most of the stylists do a great job.  If you don’t like what a stylist is doing, you have to speak up, and if the stylist claims to not understand you, ask for someone else.  That may sound harsh, but frankly, it’s a factory, with unpersonalized service, and it’s your hair.  Make sure it’s being done the way you want it to.  Because of the set up, I always ask for and wait for my favorite stylists to do my hair if they’re working that day.  Maria is my favorite, and she always does an amazing job.   Like one of the other posters said, Sunday is the worst day to go.  If you can go in the late afternoon/ early evening during the week, that’s the least crowded time.  Overall, it’s a great salon, and they do it all – wash and sets, relaxers, etc. – for all types of hair (relaxed, natural, weaves).


Washington, D.C. | YELP REVIEW

Great Dominican Salon! My hair always looks great! And the best feature is the last wash is at 8pm!!



OMG!! all i can say is this salon is off the chain!! i can’t believe that I am the first  to write a review about this place. I love this salon, although it is kind of small and crowded they make up for it with the gorgeous work in the hair department. They are all dominicana’s like me and you know dominican women know how to do hair. I have very course, non-texturized, yes no perm ppl hair and when i leave that salon they make it look like im about to step onto a runway. The atmosphere is very quaint and they play spanish music but it is not JUST for spanish ppl ladies. I see african americans in their also. Their prices are good for a wash and set its only about 20 bucks and 5 bucks extra for a deep conditioner. I love this place I can’t recommend them highly enough. I recently moved into the downtown brooklyn area to go to LIU and i needed a hot place to get my hair done..all of the LIU-ers go there. Go i promise you you won’t be unhappy. Oh yeah there are two of them so if one is closed the other is open right across the street…how cool is that!? Not to mention they are reeeally fast…im in and out in about 1 hour. Also their hours are awsome! 7am-8pm wow!! I absoluetly LOVE this place!!!


Brooklyn, NY | YELP REVIEW

While I adore my normal hairdresser that does my relaxers, Sister’s Unisex is the place to go when you’re trying to stretch relaxers.  I’m usually in and out in just under 90 minutes compared to the 4 or 5 hours at my normal salon.

The shampoo area is kinda cramped, but they definitely gave my head a great massage.  I somewhat regret relaxing my hair now since I could have gone to this business to get my natural hair taken care of as well!

The only thing that bothers me about this place is how hot the hair dryers can get.  I’ve got no idea how other ladies can deal with that.


Takoma Park, MD | YELP REVIEW

when i was transtioning my blowouts lasted about two or 3weeks and they really straighten my roots, yea it is like a factory in there but i like it  compare to other domican salons i went to that couldnt straighten natural hair properly


Manhattan, NY | YELP REVIEW

Wow!  I tried this placed based on reviews and all I have to say is wow!  I use to go to Anneris Beauty where all they did was gossip and take forever to do customers hair.  I arrived at 9 am, was seated right away to get a relaxer on a Wednesday and was out by 11am!  My hair looks great, I didnt feel like the stylist were talking about clients because they were to busy actually styling hair!!!!  The place is also clean and the staff is very professional!  Oh and the prices are out of this world!  Since its off the A train, I think I will go weekly.  $15 bucks…you can’t beat that!


Brooklyn, NY | YELP REVIEW

 have been going to Sister’s for the past 5 years. I have nothing but praise to show towards this salon!! I go back and forth between Wileidy and Mirna (depending on the day I go). Everyone is super friendly, and try to make you feel comfortable. I love joining in on the chitchat with my fellow Dominicans, but don’t get me wrong.. I have seen just about every ethnic descent roll through Sisters, even a few guys!

The salon tends to get a little packed, especially ifs a gorgeous day out.. but don’t worry, you will be in and out in about 2 hours time. There’s seperate lines to get your hair washed, to get your deep conditioner (if you choose) washed out, to get your rollers set… a nice quaint assembly line lol. AND you cant beat the prices (I pay $15, and bring my own deep conditioner) and the hours! 7am-8p 7 days a week.


Brooklyn, NY | YELP REVIEW

This is my go to place for an in and out wash and set. Lately, I’ve entrusted them with my perms and have had mixed results. I try to stick with Myrna. She’s good and pays attention to your hair. I haven’t had a negative experience yet and I’ve been coming here for approx. 5 years. Tuesdays and Wednesdays and generally slower days. Don’t go on a Thursday or Friday night and complain about the wait, it’s inevitable.


Brooklyn, NY | YELP REVIEW

just loved it!!! 🙂  Ask for Erika, shes AMAZING!


Brooklyn, NY | YELP REVIEW

I have to admit, I did not expect to like this place as much as I do. It is certainly a no frills spot and I’m used to more expensive, upscale salons (and unfortunately upscale prices too.) But I think Sister’s Unisex is a gem, particularly because of the sheer convenience of the location near me, short time frame, and beyond reasonable prices!

The salon is assembly line style, which I’d never experienced before. This was a bit awkward my first visit since I wasn’t sure who my primary stylist was or how to move through their system, but by my third time here I felt like a pro. So I agree, this method works for them. It also usually shortens your salon stay a ton. In my hometown it was hard to find a good stylist who could get my relaxed hair to flow like I like it, and the only one I could find would have me in her place for at least 4 hours every time -__- There was so much down time spent waiting for her to be ready for me since she didn’t have enough hands. At Sister’s, I’ve gotten the same slew of treatments as my home salon (relaxer, rinse/semi-permanent color, trim, roller set and blowout all at once) in about 2-2.5 hours, not to mention for less than HALF of the price I’m used to paying ($60-65 rather than $150)!! The bouncing around from person to person was worth it to me because there’s always someone available to work on you.

The only down side I can find (and it’s substantial) is that their relaxer jobs are kind of sloppy. I’m used to having a stylist more meticulously apply the chemical only to my new-growth and setting a timer for the treatment to avoid over-processing my hair. Let’s just say Sister’s is more carefree. I don’t mind this TOO too much because I only get about 4-6 relaxers a year, but I may not recommend this place to a friend who felt compelled to get perms a lot more often. I have no doubt that my hair would be over-processed and breaking if I followed that old bogus “relax every 4-6 weeks” rule. 

On the up side, they do have Mizani relaxer, which is a quality product, and they also make sure to wash all of it out by doing 3-4 shampoos. And they do look out for the health of your hair by trying to minimize damage caused by heat. They never use flat irons but can get your hair silky straight with just their turbo sit-under and handheld blow dryers.

Overall, I’m very happy going to this place 4-5 times a year. In between perms I can do my hair myself, but I know this place will get the job done when I need them.


Rochester, NY | YELP REVIEW

I’ve been going to Sisters Unisex for over five years now.  Mirna and Chubby who are my go to hair stylists are amazing!  Don’t get me wrong all the girls are very friendly and skilled, but these two are my personal faves.  

The price is very reasonable and pretty consistent.  Although the lines to get your hair washed can be pretty insane at times, the wait almost never exceeds 10-15 mins.  The ladies in the back who wash the hair are super friendly and are good at what they do.  I love that they are honest when it comes to treatment of my hair.  If they feel a certain hair color may be damaging they will let you know, which i appreciate.   A total fan!


Brooklyn, NY | YELP REVIEW

Very pleased with how they did my wash, set and blow! I normally switch up between this place in the BX and a place by my house in BK..but since hearing about Sisters…I will only be going there. 

A wash, set, blow is $15 + $2 if you dont have any pins! Not bad all..they use good products, I noticed that most if not all of the stylist use CHI products! As far as releaxers are concerned I think i saw several options, but the one that sticks out the most is Mizani!! That is great brand..and it rare that you find a Dominican spot that uses it.

They also have like 10 different deep conditioner options, which is cool. Now the wait, fornuatly for me, I got there when there was no wait..i was able to sit immediately ina washers chair…but as time went by I noticed a freaking line to get your hair wased…oh hell naw….I think not!!! Rest assurred I will be getting here early in teh AM…not standing on line to get my hair washed. There are 3 washes…about 10 chairs (for your roller set and blow) and about 10+ hooded dryers!

Oh yeah the price increases based on teh length of your hair..so if you have hair down your back..it will not be $15!


Brooklyn, NY | YELP REVIEW

I remember reading somewhere that the two ladies who work upfront (blond) were better than the already amazing ladies. And my first visit I scored her, she charged me the cheapest of my two visits and she was quicker. But all in all, this place is more consistent than  salons usually are. 

I was astonished to find non-minorities going to such a low-key place. This is the dolla-van equivalent to salons! But the ladies will know if you’re Dominican – and not necessarily by your hair. It works to your advantage. 

All I recommend is bringing a book or music but not much else, it can get tight and the weather will make things bulkier this winter. I would wish they had a coat rack/check but imagine the chaos….



This salon is perfect for someone who’s short on time and money and long on fabulousness.  Sister’s is conveniently located in Downtown Brooklyn and opens as early as 7am, 7 days a week and is based on first come, first serve.

The system in this salon resembles an “assembly line”.  You go straight to the back of the salon and wait in line to get your hair washed, then you stand in line to get your hair rolled by someone else, then you’re placed under a dryer for 45 mins-1 hr.  Then you wait again in line to have your hair blown, wrapped and or styled.  It sounds like a lot of waiting, but the whole process can take as little as 1hour and 15 mins on a good day.

Yes, you probably will get scalded by a 400 degree (i’m guessing) hairdryer, but the outcome is fabulous.  You’ll leave looking like a million bucks.  Forgo the blow dry to cut down on heat damage.  Best of all is the price, a wash and set is $15 and up (depending on hair length and thickness). 

In terms of cleanliness, I give it a B-, but I overlook it because I just go for the basics.  The stylists speak little english but are able to communicate whatever is necessary.